Top 5 Reasons to Wall Mount Your TV


Wall mounted televisions have have been trending in popularity for several years. Today we have great looking televisions that can be proudly displayed, much simpler HDMI cables and the universal VESA mounting standard built into virtually all TV models. Hanging that TV on the wall has never been simpler nor looked so great.  You may be asking yourself whether it’s worth the extra effort. Let’s review the top 5 reasons to hang that TV on your wall…


  1. More space – Everyone could use more space, especially in smaller rooms and condos. Once your TV is on the wall, the top of your TV stand or cabinet will be free. You may even choose to replace it with something smaller or perhaps even remove it entirely. In today’s digital era and with simple setups, large expensive stands are no longer needed.
  2. Children – For parents with young children, having the TV on top of a TV stand or dresser within easy reach of little fingers poses 2 dilemmas. On one hand, you can be left with sticky fingerprints and scratches on your expensive new TV. On the other hand you face the real danger of unstable televisions toppling over and injuring your child.. Securing your TV on the wall is a great safety precaution and also keeps it cleaner.
  3. Theft – Burglars are often interested in what they can grab quickly. A television securely attached to the wall would slow them down and is more likely to get passed over.
  4. Better view – Install the TV at your preferred height. Swivel or tilt towards your viewing position for best picture quality. Whether you are watching from a lower position such as a sofa or from the comfort of your bed, the height and angle can be matched to your preference and comfort. Not only will this result in a better picture for you but also less neck strain.
  5. Looks – When installed with concealed cables, hanging that TV on that wall simply looks amazing and can increase the value of your home. Many would argue this is the number one reason to hang that TV.