The ULTIMATE full motion TV mount that moves UP and DOWN

Another custom installation solution for your home or business. Sometimes you want flexibility with your TV and it’s movement. Traditional swivel arms are great but only move side-to-side with tilting up/down. If you want the ultimate bracket with ability to lower for viewing, you want one of the newest models from Ergotron and Omnimount.




Play40, Play 40DS, Play70, Play70DS



Released just a couple of years ago, we now have constant force technology that allows you to swing, lift and drop your TV safely. The spring loaded arm perfectly balances the weight of the TV so only a simple light touch is needed. Vertical movement range is near 20 inches on the largest model. All mounts are UL tested and rated for up to 70 lbs (31.8kg) and screen sizes up to 60 inches. With so much force pulling on a single arm, this mount needs to be perfectly installed and balanced but once done, it is very solid and stable. The only downside may be the near 6 inch gap from the wall which means that a recessed mount area works best.


This ultimate mount does come at a premium but a well deserved one. Current retail prices range from $279 to $399 depending on size and need for centering across support structures.