Unleash the full potential of your receiver

In today’s modern home theatre with surround sound, audio receivers are playing an important role and have many amazing new features. It is well worth the time to go through the setup process and enable these great features. The first step is to make a connection to your home Internet. If you don’t already have your main Internet hub or a secondary switch at your media centre, that should be your first step. Once connected to the Internet, features such as Internet radio, remote control apps and automatic updates come to life. The second step is to let your receiver do all the video switching for you. Simplify all those cables by connecting just one HDMI to your TV and everything else to the receiver. While you are playing with the cables, pull out any extra audio cables if you have HDMI inputs and the sound works through them. HDMI carries the best digital sound you can get, even better than digital optical or coax. Once that is done, the next great features to enable are “Control over HDMI” and “Audio Return Channel” (ARC) which allow most newer TVs to share sound from other media sources like Netflix, Media Libraries and USB drives. Properly enabled and with just one HDMI cable to the TV, anything you see will also play on your surround sound with your TV remote also controlling the volume.