Child safety and your TV

According to Safe Kids, a child is rushed to the emergency room every 45 minutes in the United States alone for injuries caused by falling televisions. Every 3 weeks a child dies. These are shocking statistics but real ones intended to improve child safety through education and better preparedness. So what can you do?


Let’s start with that older CRT TV shaped more like a box. It’s fine to continue using these but if placing on dressers or tall furniture, they need to be secured to the wall. When it comes time to say goodbye to this older TV, many municipalities accept them along with other electronics as part of a larger recycling program. Some will even pick-up from your home. You may also want to consider local disposal companies which charge a small fee for picking this up and recycling it for you.

Now with that brand new flat-screen TV, the best solution is to mount it securely on the wall. These new televisions with ever growing sizes are often even less stable with a narrow stand base or short legs at the ends. It really doesn’t take much to tip one of these over. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, please call a professional.

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide (

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