Get connected for serious TV streaming

If you watch TV and movies through streaming channels such as Netflix or iTunes, it’s time to get serious with your Internet connection. Wireless is great for small spaces like condominiums and apartments but when it comes time to streaming large video files and larger homes, wired is always best. A wired Internet connection will ensure you get the best picture with little delay and no interrupted signals. Save the wireless connection for your portable devices such as phones, tablets and where a wired connection is not possible. This may speed up your wireless speeds too.

There are a few ways to bring wired Internet to your TV. The first is to relocate the main Internet modem and wireless router with your media components. Using the existing cable or phone lines, this is often much simpler than it sounds and is a great central place for you wireless router. The second option is to install an Internet jack near your media components using either a brand new cable to the router or an unused cat5e cable (newer homes use cat5e for phone jacks). Custom installers have creative ways of bringing cables through the walls if needed.

Once you have a wired connection, share that across all your media devices and TV to unlock many of their great features and updates. Simply plug into the extra ports of your wireless router or add an inexpensive switch (similar to a power bar but for Internet).