When Selling Your Home, Don’t Forget the TV

You’ve been looking for months and just found the perfect home. Everything seemed just right, including the great looking installation of a flat screen TV in the main room. Now comes the time to make your offer. Don’t forget the TV.

When it comes to home purchase offers, many buyers and sellers forget to make any mention of the TV or the installation of it. If that TV was hanging on the wall and cables were placed in the wall, it is now a permanent fixture and appliance just like any other in the home. Although every local area may handle the legal status differently, a wall mounted TV should be included to avoid any confusion.

If you are the buyer and really like how the TV was installed, you should ask that the wall mount bracket, cables and power supply be left as installed. Although installation costs vary, this could save you hundreds of dollars and make for one less renovation after you move in. You may want to consider even including the TV itself just as you would the fridge and stove. If you do not want the TV, the metal bracket pieces which attach to it and any bolts from the install kit should be left behind as well. The brackets are universal and should fit your TV if it is similarly sized. If you have any doubts about the TV bracket, just include the cables and power supply. A professional installer will have a matching bracket and/or bolts for any model TV. A partial installation will cost less and be done more quickly.

If you are the seller and nothing was mentioned about your wall mounted TV, you should ask to include details in the sale agreement. I’ve seen many homes where the seller went through the trouble to remove everything, patch the wall holes and repaint the wall only for the new buyer to come and install another TV in exactly the same place again. It’s good for installation business but a headache for new buyers and sellers alike. If you had your TV professionally installed, remember that the value of your home was almost certainly higher because of that.

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